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Almost forgot my flight report...

The winds were still around 10mph, which isn't too much for these birds. Maybe on the edge. But, it was rather turbulent! The plane was getting knocked around everywhere!

Despite the conditions, I got two good 10 minute flights in using my older Flyzone batteries. The CG seemed to be very good out of the box (without pilot). Stall characteristics...well...even though it was just didn't want to stall! I cut the throttle at different speeds and it just wanted to glide. I tried this with the plane sharply banked, against, with and across the just righted itself and started its glide...very pleased!

I will need to try this again on a not so windy day to see just how slow it can fly. I feel that it may not fly under power as slow as my Dr.I...but it shouldn't just fall out of the sky like the Dr.I when the throttle is chopped. Crosswinds do not effect the Nieuport as severely as the Dr.I with its three wings. I wish that I could compare it to the Albatros, but my stocker has crushed wings from a collapsed shelf =0

My only dislike is the decals were applied rather sloppily to the wing...LOTS of BIG BUBBLES. I guess this shouldn't bother me since it gives me the right to do a repaint =)

And one small thing to point out is that the battery my be difficult to remove. If it is placed into the battery cut-out with the plug pointing toward the prop, you may need tweezers or needle nose pliers to grab the little tab on the battery in order to pull it out...the cowling is in the way. I did notice that the battery lead was pretty long, so the battery could possibly be placed with the connector pointing to the rear. There could be some mention concerning this in the manual...but I haven't managed to do have a peek yet...
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