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Managed to find a suitable slope today and had about a 10 mph breeze. This is the first breeze since I started test flying.
I removed the motor to save the shaft and added lead in its place.I cut a balsa vertical rudder and jammed it up you know where. I added differential to the ailerons and experimented with different flap settings. I found I got my longest flights with aileron trim just a fraction above nuetral. The wing tips have 2 degrees of washout built in.
I also took some measurements on the wings prior to flying. The left wing seems to have 1/2 centimeter more dihedral over the span. As I repaired the wing last night , I am not sure how they compared in previous flights. I have found the weak spot in the wings as hard impacts produce a tear starting at the trailing edge an running along the root. I have taken advantage of this today to repair the dihedral. \
At one point I was actually able to slope soar briefly until I encountered a tree. This prompty broke off the vertical rudder. Further flights after this produced no discernable difference in Yaw. The bird responds to both left and right aileron even at these slow speeds. The last flight the plane banked and turned left and when I picked up the plane the left rear elevator was jammed in the down position. I was a litte surprised as how much it effected the flight. I may go back to the V-tail aileron setup. Final trim reguired just a bit of up elevator. I plan on reinstalling the motor with 3 degrees of right thrust.
The poor bird is beginning to look like its been shot at and hit.
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