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Originally Posted by cityevader View Post
So then it can be programmed to use, say, the "throttle" channel for an aileron then, right?...since obviously y-harnesses can't be used if full trailing edge control desired.
Generally, with the higher end radios, like the A9, the physical relationship between a channel number and a device, like a stick, can be moved around.

Usually aileron (first one anyone), elevator and rudder remain fixed in their stick positions. Throttle can be anyware which frees up that left stick for other use.

On Hitec and Futaba channel 3 is the default throttle channel so many pilots mistakenly believe that the left stick is channel 3, but it isn't. It is a device to which channel 3 is connected by default. But if you move the throttle (channel 3) to a switch, the stick becomes an input device that can be associated with another channel or with a mix that may impact many channels.

So, on my Futaba 9C and probably on the Aurora, my left stick controls crow which moves channels 1, 2, 5, 6 and 7 which is alieron, elevator, flap, flap, aileron. channel 3, if needed, is assigned somewhere else. Or you can put the wire from an ESC into another channel and use that channel to control the motor. I could put the ESC into channel 8 for example and assign it to a slider, a dial or a switch.

As far as training edge control goes, as long as you don't need the flaps to follow the ailerons as extended ailerons, you can have full camber, reflex, launch mix (winch/HS) , and crow/butterfly with the flaps on a Y cable.
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