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Originally Posted by jj604 View Post
Not disagreeing with this as I think it is how most people would understand gyro action but to be really pedantic:

Gyros respond to ANY disturbance - whether from external forces or commanded by you.

So if you send a roll command to the plane by deflecting the aileron stick, the gyro doesn't know this. What it does know is that the plane starts to roll and it will issue a countermanding instruction to the servos.

This is what is called the "fighting the gyro" effect I believe.

Clever software can overcome this but simple rate gyros will always exhibit this phenomenon.
It really depends on how the unit is programmed. On the AS3X systems the control stick will override the gyros when a commanded move is held. I forget if it is gradual - so that the override becomes 100% at full stick deflection, but this is how that system is programmed.

Same with the Guardian, and the FY30A. I have helicopter gyros that will even provide the option to adjust this override.

So, no, not all gyro units will fight you. Only the simplest of units will, and those I speculate just run your plain jane text book PID Algorithms that allow nothing more than gain adjustments, servo reversing, and if your lucky - mode control.
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