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Considering you want to use a KK2 board, and you'll need 4ESCs and 4 brushless motors, I think your goal of 200 grams or less is cutting it close.

I think a good starting point for you would be to look at the recommended specifications for such tiny frames on Looks like you're in Europe and bambucopter is a good place to buy parts from because their shipping cost for international shipping is very low.

Look at their "Classic 20" or "Crab 25" frames. They list the needed parts you need to get good performance and these are right around the size of frame you're thinking of building. So if you were to build such a small frame yourself, the specs listed for these small frames on the bambucopter website should work very well for you. That said, these little bambucopter frames are quite cheap and you might consider building one of them as a first quad because they fit your requirements and they are just about unbreakable. Very, very tough frames.

I hope this helps, and good luck with your first build!

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