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Originally Posted by snowman View Post
Wow! 200 rounds in a day? I'm lucky to get off 40! But, I'm developing loads and running every round through a chronograph and compiling the data as well. What are your groupings like? You should figure that any day is just as good as the next to, I mean maiden your plane! I hope you don't get so emotionally invested in your plane that you're just a fair weather flyer!

Daniel.....I'm sorry to hear about the tragic end of your friends.

Hey, didn't Waldo promise some video footage for us????

Kerwin, excellent save on the Green Machine! She's too young to leave this world yet! Your Tiger Moth was stuttering when I flew it up here over a month ago!!! Momma's going to have to spring for another!

Plow, just call Tower.......they will get you the part you need. Oh, and about that football's just a checkers......or marbles.....(of course if you play for could lose your marbles.......and then you'd have nothing to worry about!)

Damn wind is screwing up Fall fishing! The waves on Lake Superior are too big and lines just get washed up on shore!!! Damn!
LOL...I am not so emotionally attached to my planes but I like to keep em a while.....and yes I do fly in wind all the time. Actually, this outlaw should be a great windy day plane when I get it dialed!

As far as the AR15, I bought 1000 rounds of PMC FMJ for about 340 bucks a while ago so I usually bring a couple rounds to the range, hehe. Seems to be decent stuff but it is a lighter load than a mil-spec cartridge and after about 80 rounds I need to lube the bolt or it will jam from the bolt not cycling fully back when it gets dirty. I have an Eotech halographic sight on it and no magnifier and at 100 yards, using a back pack for a rest, I average about 4" (sometimes better, sometimes worse, lol) groups which is not bad for essentially open sights. I used to reload for my TC Contender and that thing could shoot under an inch at 100 yards (.35 Remington)....but I just don't have time for that anymore and I sold all of my reloading gears about 7 years ago. I am looking forward to some duck and pheasant hunting with my kid this fall though
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