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I can't wipe the grin off my face today. Got another 2 flights (2 Lipos) after work today just before getting dark. On the second battery I actually landed before the time was up because it was almost dark and the plane was becoming a silhouette against the buildings and trees. Otherwise I have 8min set on the timer and with a 3S 2200 30C I use up less than 50%, so I'll be increasing to 10 min. and porbably stay there.

But it was sooooo nice. It flys great, and easy, and smooth with no bad habits. Very nice long scale take offs with just enough elevator for a nice climb into the skys, play around with it up there, stall turns, scale turns, stalls, slow fly bys at eye level, fast fly bys about 2 meters away from my face, it just makes you smile. And at the end nice controlled landings with a nice flare. I always land with some power on, but it gets slow enough to just ease it in and do necessacry corrections just before touch down, and then let it roll down the runway like the real thing.

I have had 6 flights in all - the first 2 were grass belly landings, the other 4 were on the runway with retracts. Until now no failures or damages. The tail shows no sign of coming off at the end of the booms, and the stock under carriage is holding. One Servo on one of the mains sometimes hung before the last flight, and just buzzed and would not retract. a light push and it would retract. After take off, maybe because of the wind pressure in flight, it retracted fine, and the landing showed no problems. Maybe the first sign of failure for the stock retracts. Let's see. Just have to fly it more.

In reaction to the last few posts above, I didn't notice any P Factor or torque effect from the engines or props. It just runs straight down the runway and pulls up in a straight flight path. With all the advantages of counter rotating props that there are, and there are, I just don't think this plane needs them. Maybe it's the scale or just because of the design, it is super stable with the stock props IMO.

The only mods I have are a shut down of the nose steering when the U/C is retracted, there's a post here explaining the mixes, and the ailerons slightly raised as well as aileron differential. Right now I'm very happy with it, maybe at a later point I'll reduce the spoileron effect or differential to see if there are any improvements in other areas.

Have to find someone to go with me to take some picture to post. Films are out because Youtube is blocked here in China so wouldn't be able to post....
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