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Yup. KV was too high as excepted and I was trying to spin a 4X2. I am hoping I can still spin the 4X2 on a 1S but will buy the 3X2 props just in case its still too much current. Next I'll have to find a plane to build for this motor!

Yes, the termination was Wye as a delta termination would give 1.7 times the KV. I was also thinking of doing an LRK wind but that would require me to re-position the magnets. I probably should have started with bigger motor for a first rewind, but none of them were broken :-).

I just can't imagine rewinding 5 gram motors. If the work was linear it would be four times as hard as doing a 19 gram moto!

rewinding the 5 gram motor is only more work if you put the correct number of winds on them. If you cheat and only put 6 turns, its not that much work!

I'm still debating what to do with my other broken 5 gram motor. I don't want another 5000 KV motor. I think I'll open up the can and try to solder the broken double stranded 37 AWG wire to a 30 gauge strand. If that doesn't work out, I'll buy some 34 AWG wire and try to get 12-14 turns with a single strand. I don't think I want to mess with anything smaller than that.

I just rewound a 19 gram motor, also 12N16P and an ABC wind, my smallest ever rewind. I did that with three strands of 32 AWG.

On your 19 gram motor, why did you use 3 strands of 32 AWG wire instead of a single strand of something bigger ?

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