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Originally Posted by davereap View Post
previous quote....
when i move rudder stick left or right my quad goes left or right BUT ALSO GOES UP i can not make pirouette without quad goes 1-2M UP

i write problem here before one month and answer is been mostly maybe its defective board

i got it another one and still i have same situation so what i can do

my setting is

roll/pitch P 55 I 45
yaw P 40 I 40

firmware is 1.2

Tighten the tension on your throttle stick. Sounds like when you use rudder, you are also pushing up on the throttle a little.

from my reading as a newbee and not much flying experience could another reason be that to yaw or spin the model some of the motors have to speed up or slow that the torque rotates the model... and surely any changes in motor speed will also result in some slight change in lift.
or is my understanding of that incorrect as well..
What ever is the reason, the answer will be in the constant use of the throttle to control the height, just like when you tilt to go forward, you need more throttle to maintain height, as some of the previous lift is now pushing the model forward..
That is one thing I am learning, these things fly on throttle, being a plane pilot I tend to chop the throttle when I get in a poor situation... but doing that only makes my quad crash...and thats not so good...
Lower your P gain and I gain on Yaw axis. Good P gain on yaw axis is when quad doesn't goes up or down when yawing.
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