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First of all, the Zephyr is the most fun you can have with your cloths on. But what a time I had getting there!

I have sinned! I broke two of the 10 airplane commandments.
1. I failed to have another experienced pilot give my zephyr a thorough examination prior to flight attempt.
2. I failed to do a preflight control surface check, not once -- but FOUR times.

I could not get an acceptable launch - four times over two days. The first attempt broke out the anchor point for the wing bolts. Easy and invisible repair.

Next day, three failed launches in a row! Just no explaining how upset I had gotten. Then another hobbyst says to me.. you have your ruddervators backwards. I show him I don't and then he says.. then your ailerons are backwwards. I'm like that is crap so I show him.....and ... HOLY SMOKES... I have my ailerons reversed. I have only done this once before --- EVER.

Ok -- the third failure has broken loose the front anchor point for the wings. So I break out my brand new Lipo hot melt glue gun (best $3 I've ever spent) and glue it all in place like it will survive a stratigic attack.

Then... with a 3000mah battery from Haiyin, and 21 grams of lead attached to the underside of the hatch.. Away we go. A couple clicks right AIL and several clicks down ELE and within 60 seconds and two low passes full throttle I've got a smile larger than the one on my wedding night!! This plane is a BABE!

Come out of a split-S from 500 feet and scream down the runway at 3 feet off the deck (according to my wife .. I thought it was a bit higher) and just feel the thrill.

One Caveat -- I highly recommend those launching use hearing protection. It's good manners to offer a hearing protection headset to the tool you convince to launch this for you. Tell them throw it like a javelin....directly at the horizon with the wings level and you're off and flyinig.

I'm not accustomed to the additional time it takes to respond between slamming the throttle forward and getting a result, so I just kept it full throttle. BTW: Batteries came out cool, no heat at all in the cockpit.

It's too bad the U.S. warehouse is sold out. I'd buy two right now for 'stock'. I know it's only a matter of time before I punch this in because it just too darn fun to show off low and fast with.

Also I upped my Expo from the first flight @ 40 for Elev and AIL to 65 for both. 65 was better.

The rolls were not axial -- but I guess I don't have aileron differential. I wonder if I can use a differential mix in the tail to help with that. ... So much fun...

And finally ... landing is a dream. Skimmed across the ground then slight flair and it dropped softly into the grass... a bit farther than anticipated the first time, but right in front the second time.

I'm so a Zephyr FANATIC now.
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