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Originally Posted by pulsery2k1 View Post
not sure what happened , was very windy 20+ with gusts you can
see the model bank almost 90 degrees as it caught a gust on take
off .
worst part is this happened during a demo flight in front of alot
of people

the wing came off at the engine , it appears to have gone back
starting at the leading edge Carbon rod .

it have a lot of flights on this model , but there were no cracks in the covering
and the other wing still shows no signs or cracks .

I am deeply sorry- yours was a favorite of mine as well, and I would weep openly if structural failure took out either Wedgetail or my Alaska. I saw that you added outboard flaps on the post accident photos, but it appears perhaps there wasn't the additional spar? I can't tell so I don't want to pre-empt the NTSB findings, but based on the sound of power alone, you were in the heart of a high G turn when it snapped.

Regardless of flap mods, I believe that a third "false" spar must be added to the kit, and be carried through the engine pylon to prevent or at least forestall disaster. It is a beautifully engineered model, but all structures have a weakness- even mine. I still have never rolled mine, as I am fearful a poor roll followed by a high-G recovery will spell the end for my 737s.
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