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Well, mav913, also in this thread people have flown it without physical modifications. It's just that it is a little heavy mainly, has a fair amount of drag, and you have to watch the CG. So I wouldn't say it is something to be afraid of -- just realize its likely flight characteristics as an intermediate (or better) flyer.

I like to tune planes, and just reading the descriptions, I think I can make the plane a lot better than it was out of the box.

I've experienced a lot of the little problems mentioned in this thread at different times in different planes, and eventually figured out how to solve each -- usually the hard way. I have plenty of experience with repairs!

And since I'm mostly a scratch builder, I'm not afraid to cut a hole somewhere or change something. Foam can pretty much be endlessly repaired. At least thick foam can.

I'm not opposed to rigging either. But if I do add it back, it sure won't be made of hard wire, springs and screws like I found on this plane! Fishing line is a lot lighter, and has less air resistance than springs (and they were at both ends of all rigging!)

But I'm not overly concerned with rigging on this basically sport scale model anyway. I do like a good performing plane, and also one that flies at reasonably scale speed. And for that we need light weight. Much more than pseudo-scale details like protruding styrofoam rivets and steel wire rigging.
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