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Hi, guys. I wanted to read this entire thread before adding my two cents` worth. Great info and advice. I just bought a Bravo SX, and more recently bought a second one. I was an R/C airplane pilot for years and decided about 2 or 3 years ago to try helicopters. I wanted to go electric because (a) they look and sound more scale and turbine-like, and (b) nitro helis always look like they are on fire.
I tried 4 different helis over the last 2-3 years and never got past sliding around on the floor. When I saw the Bravo SX I thought I`d make one last attempt and bought one. What a fantastiic machine! By the third battery I was flying around the house. I`m still working on a decent hover (I need to trim, I think) but once you jump it out of ground effect it flies pretty easily. I`ve even banged it into a wall or two with NO damage and that makes you relaxed to try to fly more and learn more. This is one bulletproof heli.
I modified my SXs by adding N-numbers, a bent wire to the leading edge and below the rear fin, removing the LED light pods and installing a single 3mm ultra-bright LED landing light to one heli and red and green SMD ultra-bright LED nav lights to the other. (I used the scale locations at the lower corners below both doors instead of the other, more-used, tip of the skids locations) I also removed the battery connectors on the skids and installed connectors from Parkzone so I can use Thunder Power 160s. With all the removed material, and with the added lights and tailskid, they came out at 32g with battery.
If you go to and select the MD500 series photos, they have tons of great MD500E photos. Some show the white with blk/org stripes of the NE Bravo SX. The other NE color schemes are also scale- there are pictures of the white/blue "camo" pattern and the dark blue with white stripes version. On my second Bravo I painted over the blk/org scheme to make it a black/red scheme with larger area covering the vertical fin, as in one of the photos on that site.
I also discovered that you can remove the fuselage easily by removing all screws, pulling the fuse clear of the skids, then spreading the tail boom open and carefully pulling the entire fuselage forward over the mechanicals. The factory fuselage is glued at the windshield with CA, I believe, but the replacement fuselages just snap together. I`m trying one without gluing it to see if it holds up without glue.( It`s nicer to split the fuselage halves in two to access everything.)
I don`t understand all the complaints about noise. It`s a HELICOPTER! Did you ever hear a quiet helicopter? (Airwolf and Blue Thunder don`t exist!) I wish it were louder. I love that turbine whine and blade noise!
Thanks again for all your input and advice on this heli.
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