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Coroplast F-22

Here is a thread to discuss the coroplast F-22. As far as I know, I'm the first to build this out of coroplast. (Corrugated Plastic, or plastic cardboard). I wish I could say I thought of the original design. But I only made it better for combat. The overall design is the same, but there are some fundamental differences

The original foam design is supposed to be made out of Depron. It is much lighter, use as a smaller power system, and flies and looks great. It requires carbon fiber reinforcement. It is a great design, but I'm too lazy and cheap to build that type of plane for combat.

The coroplast design is a very simple build. It is heavier than the foam design, uses a bigger power system, and requires little or no reinforcement. It is a perfect alternative to wings for combat. The best part for me is it's very inexpensive.

Feel free to add your $.02, photos, thoughts, ideas, and comments.


Okay, it looks like I need to do a little updating and clarification. Up to about post #105, the F-22's were made from a solid orange coroplast. It was a bit heavier, and not as rigid as the newest ones. In reading the thread, it appears most of the issues were related to the orange ones.

After about post 105ish, I re-tooled the plane and started using some better coroplast. The result is a little bit smaller (than the orange ones) F-22, and more rigid. Ive spent several hours getting the currnt model where it is now.

Keep in mind, this is not your traditional rc plane. It is a beast, and will not be bothered as much if something isnt exact. It will fly great in about all circumstances, but it is still not for beginners. I need to dig through and post some pictures of the trashed planes that I have repaired and still flown without any problems.
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