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Hi all, I was just given one of these that was too much for the original owner. Looks like he had a wing break (repaired w/epoxy) and a few small other dings, but all in all it's in very good shape. Looking forward to modding it a little and flying it. I'm used to flying an Artech spitfire of about the same size and a Tian Sheng Corsair also about 1000mm span. I also fly my own design scratch built foam Brown B-2 racer, a somewhat similar plane in shape and size.

First impression on this plane is that it is heavier than it needs to be, and tail heavy, as many of you have posted earlier in this thread. I will be moving the battery and ESC forward, as they are in the Brown Racer.

I would guess that the flying wires are really decelerating the plane fast at low speeds, and may be partly responsible for stalling -- along with weight and aft cg. I will be flying with a 1300 mah battery to keep weight down.

I also noticed a report of falling out of loops to the side. In my experience that is a direct result of too much elevator throw. I had the same problem in the spitfire, and only finally cured it by reducing throw after trying everything else. The Ryan has a huge elevator, and I bet that is a contributor. I expect that it won't take much throw to do a good loop.

Mine is a pretty ugly orange and blue. That might get changed down the road, but only if I can reduce weight first.

Looking forward to working out the kinks on this plane.
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