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One of them you can take the wings off the other only come off if you crash it and even then you'd have to be trying pretty hard

Seriously though the only difference is a fibreglass box type thing that take the rod for the removable wing. The wings plug on to the rod with a carbon tube spar that is let into the wing and I believe they are held in place with a hook and elastic band system. I would think if your careful in the construction of the box and it's alignment with the wings it shouldn't have much if any impact on the flying. One thing I do know is the rod which fits into the box and spars is a pretty heavy lump of metal unless they have changed the design for this one. You could replace it with a suitably sized bit of carbon, though apart from the slightly higher all up weight which isn't necessarily a bad thing it should effect anything too badly being so close to the cog. Why not download the manual for both versions and take a look.
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