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bad reciever!!

Hi, i recently purchased a dynam skytrainer182 rtf and today i attempted to fly it and everything went well untill the plane was about fifty feet away and in the air. at that point i lost all controls, the plane then proceeded to do a nose dive straight into the ground. this caused the motor shaft to snap took a notch out of the wing, pulld the wing from the from the fuselage, destroyed the front landing gear,shattered the plastic spinner and nose cone and also destroyed the front of the fuselage. i recovered the now destroyed plane and discovered that the motor and all the controls still moved. so i walked about fifty feet away from the plane and tried to test the control surfaces. they wouldnt move! i walked about 25 feet closer to the plane and tested the control surfaces again, they worked. this comfirms my thoughts that nitroplanes has sent me a bad reciever with the plane, which destroyed the rest of my purchase. i am now asking that you would give me a refund or send me a new arf version of the plane (with a reciever).

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