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Originally Posted by Melnic View Post
the Rate gain mode of the gyro will fight quick unwanted movements.
30% gain is enough to notice improvements. quick gusts affect a dihedral plane and makes it want to roll over. If you have ailerons on a gyro, then it will counteract that and make landing in a crosswind easier.

One point I was making the other day in a personal conversation is that the gyro will NOT negate all effects of the wind. It has the highest effect on dampening gusts or wind velocity changes. 10mph headwind or 10mph crosswind if it's absolutely steady (it never really is) would not have as much of difference with or without a gyro. But we all know wind speed changes is the real factor in sudden plane movements. Much of windspeed changes are when you are closer to the ground and you fly over or near ground contours or objects
Melnic, sir as you know I'm still in flight training but on my first day we flew (buddy boxed) this 63" Cessna 182 flew great. But I had checked the gyro action before this first flight and had the A3 rate only board set to 100% on all 3 and didn't know it.

I turned them all off the second flight and the plane needed lots of corrections on take off so my instructor told me to turn the rudder gyro back on, so I set it back to 100% He wanted to see how much difference it wound make in a 10MPH cross wind it tracked right down the yellow line. My instructor doesn't know much about gyros.

Will most planes fly ok with these gyros set at 100% ?

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