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Thx Ryan - appreciate your sharing the info.
If anyone has more details, I'm all ears over here!

An-n-n-nd, I'm in need of some more info on this FMS ASW-28! I think in fact it'd be handy to have/know for reference in application to this model and others as well!

Key to the whole thing is what I noted in BH's spare parts listing. Namely that, they show the regular 9g servos we all know & love but also (apparently) special servos for the flap operations. Being for flaps, I'd first presume they're 'slim' versions -- maybe not. ?? But secondly, they show one regular and another for 'Reverse' operation - again, for flaps.
But good ol' Petey's crew, in their standard magnificently stumbling style, DON'T SHOW A SINGLE FREAKIN' DIMENSION FIGURE or PERFORMANCE FIGURE UNDER THE SPECS TAB!!

They're also branded as 'FMS' servos; thus I've now wasted near 2 hours searching thru everything from the online Servo Database ( -- thru to the mfr's site [SHENZHEN FMS HOBBY CO LTD] which basically offers nothing but a product purchase inquiry form.....and I can't come up with any dims info on these servos.

First, if the servo database thingy does show the relevant info under some other brand name, I'd most appreciate someone's pointing me to the right place.

And secondly, if not (anyone knowing), I'd hesitatingly request someone who already has an FMS ASW-28 in their hands to please take some physical measures & post them here, along with any labeling (eg) info they can find.

As cheap as they are (compared to some of the 'Big Boys'!) I'd hate to spend $6-8 (+) on standard 9g servos I can buy for ~$3, as would I think most of us. So the info could prove valuable to us all. Especially those who'd like to take advantage of the good Kit sale price & who are gonna have to purchase parts (eg servos) to complete the plane.

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