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Originally Posted by nerys View Post
I did not say all protocols. clearly only the protocols "ITS COMPATIBLE WITH" require only a software change IE it already posesses the hardware "needed" for the protocols the firmware is designed for.

clearly it "lacks" the hardware needed for the 911 units so you have to hardware mod.

as for how exactly? do you understand programming? if yes they I would suggest you goto the authors and ask them.

but if you don't understand programming your not going to understand their reply because you don't "speak the language"

No I don't understand programming no I don't "speak the language"

I just understand the gist of what they did.

they "taught" the devo hardware how to speak other languages.
So what you're doing then is giving ignorant answers on something you do not understand, then getting your panties in a bunch when I explain I am looking for an actual intelligent answer, thanks for clearing that up

I was actually hoping someone who had some actual real knowledge might give a helpful reply, since no amount of your useless replies are going to help answer a question that is clearly above your head.
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