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Originally Posted by Gregor99 View Post
The USB is a must. It makes setup and tuning charger settings and presets easy. Plus the logging is quite useful. The USB is also how you will get future firmware updates. These are important as the firmware update is more likely to contain feature enhancements than code fixes.

The MPA is good for all packs that use the JST-XH style connector. You can charge 1 to 6 packs on it with the Powerlab6 and no it parallel charging is not required. If your other packs had JST-XH connectors, you could charge those as well, just change the preset to NiMh, A123 etc.

Unfortunately those other batteries you want to charge are using a variety of different connectors. You will need to pickup some bare 4mm male bullets and make your own connector. Easier that it sounds. The Eneloops look like they have a standard male servo connector. You could get a standard female pigtail and wire the red and black wires into the 4mm bullets then plug it into the Powerlab.

For the Pb battery, it depends on what connectors it has. In the picture it looks like spades. Again make your own connector and terminates with 4mm bullets. Or install a short cable on the Pb battery that ends in a Deans. Then use that to connect to the MPA. Add a mating Deans to the device its used with at the field.

For the starter battery, I cannot tell from the image what kind of balance connector is on it. If a JST-XH you are good to go with the MPA. If not, I'd a better image of the connector.

For supplies the Meanwells are nice, but expensive. Many are using used server supplies that are very robust and reliable. Lots of good info on setting these up here in the batteries and charger subforum. For plug and play server supplies here are a couple options.

Mark Forsyth
Thanks Gregor, looks like its a bundle of home made connectors!
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