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Build Log
Custom V450 - Parts Build & Mods

Custom V450 - Parts Build & Mods

I am starting this build log for my V450D01 built from new parts. As well as any other modifications, repairs or upgrades. I would also consider this one of the cheapest and ways to get into a 450 size CP heli. You should be able to buy all the parts incrementally and build each section as your budget allows. This log, should be more than enough to help you with your first 450 build.

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#1 - Index - This Post.

#2 - V450 Tail Section Assembly

#3 - V450 Airframe Assembly & Mods

#4 - Pressing One Way Bearings, cheaply

#5 - V450 Hybrid Align Main Gear / Drive Assembly

#6 - V450 Main Rotor Assembly / Modifications

#7 - Savox Servo, Electronics Install + Swash & follower leveling

#8 - Removing locktited Tail hub for tail repairs

#9 - V450 Painted Canopies

#10 - Canopy Durability Liner

#11 - Alternative Rudder Rod & RX Mounting

#12 - Straightening V450 Main Rotor Shafts

#13 - Canopy Durability Liner Crash #1

#14 - "New" swash needs different config with "old" rotor

#15 - Upgrade to BeastX phase 1

#16 - BeastX phase 1, Part 2 - Flight Test & Review

#17 - V450 Tail Shaft Assembly Using WK Gear Puller

#18 - Savox 0257MG & Align servo Impact Saver Mod.

#19 - Spekturm Satellite RX Physical install photos - BeastX Phase 1 Part 2.

#20 - V450D01 - Tarot DFC Rotor head upgrade!

#21 - Tarot 450 pro tail boom & tail box upgrade

#22 - Tarot 450 Pro CF rudder push rod modification and upgrade

#23 - Tarot 450 CNC Tail rocker, slider, arms and thrust tail grips

#24 - V450 to Tarot DFC - Swash Configuration Version 2

#25 - CNC Tail Stabilizer Mount

Parts List:

The images and information found in this build log is that of my own experience. It should be used as a reference point only. You should check your work carefully and against other sources for accuracy. In other words do your own research. Also, you should always use proper safety procedures. I will not be responsible if you experience any damages or injury by following this information.
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