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Originally Posted by e_lm_70 View Post
How is possible people don't know what they do flash in their kk2.0 board?

Did LazyZero add your hacked firmware in his tool/database?

If people find only from the firmware from official source (that is a post here from mr KK) these ambiguities are not possible



Ps: let remember that your hacked firmware is a nice experiment, but it is nothing else then code done by mr kk, that is uncompleted and consider not stable by mr kk, for this reason it is only in the source code , commented out, but intentionally not part of the official firmware ... as mr kk said about, the problem is a yaw input in special attitudes in autolevel on, may cause undesired results
I agree and I have never wanted to take credit for any of the code itself. It's all in v1.2; I am just selectively uncommenting parts. I don't know why it's in the LazyZero flash tool now. I wouldn't recommend putting in there because it's experimental.

I have continued working on it a bit, though, to try to fix one big problem that some people mentioned. If anyone is interested, here's an update on the small change I made:

There is also new firmware, but I won't post it here or ask anyone to test it. If you want to try it, it's in that post and you can do so completely at your own risk.

The problem I was trying to address is that of the controller getting "stuck" with bad angle estimates due to yaw while at steep angles. It's one thing for the angles to get temporarily messed up due to yawing or wind or other disturbance. It's much worse if they get stuck that way. I found with the original modification, they can even get stuck before you arm the controller! Here's a demo of what I mean:

KK2.0 Firmware Mod: Angle Latching Fix (4 min 37 sec)

I've made a small change to fix that problem, as you see in the second part of the video. Some people who mentioned that the modified self-level code would cause their multirotor to pull in one direction no matter what were probably seeing this scenario. (Either that or bad sensor calibration.) This could be a fix.

But, like I said, it's totally experimental. If you're not willing to risk your frame and whatever is attached to it, please use the unmodified v1.2 firmware.
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