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Originally Posted by Aerogance View Post
So again, its the pilot and not the equipment that makes the difference!

22:1 glide ratio is not that bad considering that the fuselage is a full-functioning living animal. And at 22:1, the craft is self-replicating. We could only wish for this capability in our favorite gliders.
The Schweitzer 2-22 has an L/D of 14/1 and it's the first glider I did an hour flight in. The 1-26 has an L/D of 23/1 and some spectacular flights have been done in them.

I'd love to know the L/D's of high performance gliders in the 1.5 to 4 meter range is.

I'd be a bit worried when we get electro mechanical devices that can self replicate. I'm not quite ready to sign up for a lifetime stint on Battlestar Galactica.

With more intelligence being crammed into smaller devices things like autonomous DSing UAV's become feasible, but we are overlooking the possibility of having the intelligence elsewhere. Whether the situation analysis and response is on board or twelve thousand miles away does not make any diff if the link is direct and not via satellite or repeaters.

Maybe Woods Hole has a supercomputer that can speed up the thinking until the software is refined enough to run onboard. Just an idea in case stuffing that much intelligence into a small volume turned out to be a bottleneck.

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