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I killed my 106B+

Iíve searched and found similar issues but no solutions in the almost 13 thousand posts in this thread, so here goes.

I've been using the 106B+ for a couple of years and it has worked great, backed by excellent service from ProgressiveRC.

I noticed it was out of calibration and also in need of a firmware update. So while updating, my laptop shutdown mid-update (time for new batteries), now the updater will not reconnect to finish the update and the 106B+ is dead, the LCD only shows a few occasional flickers.

Is there a reboot or reset that can be done or reprogram the chip? I have several types of programmers on hand along with SMD hot air rework stations (Retired Director of electronic sub-assembly manufacturing) Or send it off?

I did make one change; I was a little concerned over the sparking when attaching to a battery so I placed a 10A on/off switch inline. I scoped it and the oscilloscope only shows a minor spike using a switch.

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