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Knowing what dial/switch is controlling the gain on your gyro is very important.

Russ, that's why earlier I suggested you hook up a servo to the channel (6) where the gyro gain wire was, so you could visualize what the gain setting is.

Do this: Hook up a spare servo to ch6, verify that turning the knob on that center dial actually moves the servo.
Once you are able to do that, plug the elevator gyro back up to the Rx, power everything up.
Move the dial so that the GY48V light is ON. (lit)
Now SLOWLY move it so that the GY48V light goes OFF (not lit).
Now that you found the transition, turn the dial an additional 30 degrees of rotation in the same direction that brought it OFF.
GYRO LED should still be off.
Lift tail of airplane and as you are lifting tail, the elevator must be going up.

DO NOT TAKE PLANE OFF IF EITHER GYRO LED IS ON. This will assue it's in rate mode.

If the airplane tail wags up/downwhen you fly faster, slow down, rotate dial closer to the center point.

BTW, If your ailerons shake in flight, it's cause the gain is too high.
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