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Viking - Maiden report

Greetings all;
So the rain gods were kind to me today allowing me to get a few flights in on my Viking. Weather was not the best for the first time out but not enough to keep me on the ground. Skies were overcast and winds were out of the west, south west at around 5 mph with gusts up to 10-15 mph. First hand toss I found the CG was close enough. Second hand toss I saw a nice shallow decent, straight as an arrow. Time to launch this bird!!!!

I stretch out the hi-start and up it goes. I needed very little rudder stick since I was a bit cross-wind. First flight was to dial in the ship. I found I needed a very little up-elevator and all was well.

Second launch was better than the first. This time I tried a shallow dive to see the reaction of the ship. I was exactly on the designated CG as per plans, 3.5" back from the leading edge. One thing I notice right a way was it is easy to over speed this plane, causing the wings to flutter. Not good! I was lucky that things held together and there was no damage done.

Third flight I had added about 3/4 oz to the tail boom bringing the CG back about 3/8" back or so. I had a much better responding ship and was able to hook some lift. Nothing great with the lift. I was more focused on dialing in the ship as well as understanding how it responds.

The remainder of the day was to learn all I could with the ship. My findings;

1) This is by far a light air ship. The flat bottom airfoil on the MK I series is really not cut out for high performance.
2) I can have a lot of fun with this plane even off a hi-start. I can see myself getting many hours of relaxing flying.
3) My overall impression on a scale from 1-10 is about a 7. I really wish I had the MK II wing/airfoils thinking it would have better "legs" especially in a breeze.
4) It is a keeper. I just love the way it looks in the air. The color scheme works great against white, grey or blue skies.

Hope you enjoyed the pictures.

Now onto my next bent-wing project.... to finish my 2m Miles
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