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Wingspan. Now there's a choice! Way back, I flew both. My first E Bee started with a long wing. It was very sedate in flight compared to the short wing, but it's only real disadvantage was that when flown off water on floats, it tended to be blown over easier than with the short wing.

On the positive side, I once got my long wing into a thermal for quite a while - not a bad trick considering it was lugging a 16oz nicad. I vaguely recall losing the long wing to a moment of over-exuberance, though it's tips were soon back in the air, albeit a little less further about.

An idle thought - while a bolted on wing is neat, the banded on wing is much less fuss to make... Another is that while you can cool a short wing Bee down, it's harder to wind up a long winger.

Mark - your 50% Bee sounds intriguing - any photos? I too have a Turbo Bee kit. Am torn Beetween just building it or keeping the kit - I think it's an oldie - and figuring a way to copy the parts. A clubmate of mine back in MD put an inrunner brushless on a 3 S lipo in his and it really flew well.

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