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Originally Posted by LoneWolfRC View Post
I don't have that experience, *BUT* I do now take my time putting in the horizontal stablizers as you describe. I know it doesn't hurt anything, and I guess it helps...I just don't *know* since my flying skills and building skills are both improving as time goes on. I should go fly a plane with a crooked horizontal stab once--then I'd know.
I had a friend who had a MX2 can't remember the make - but it was a lovely 60" plane.....and when we flew together he had so much trouble putting it into a wall or hover and he didn't like the flight character of it......on closer inspection the stab was at a slight angle not a huge amount...possibly 2mm out where one side closer to the wing tube..and the stab was higher on one side than the other.....totally spoiled it for him and he became to hate it....and the way it just wasn't right....he wasn't too bothered when he clipped a tree and smacked it down to its death.....and we went to a show where he bought a EF 60 edge which he now flies and loves and is perfectly setup and he made sure the stab was perfect on the build....

Personally I have also come a cropper with me not getting a stab really does make a plane wrong...and having to add trim to compensate does little to make it right - I ended up having to add some carbon fibre shims to straighten out the stab and make it level on both sides....this corrected things to where it was better....

Now when I throw a plane up for a maiden - I only require 1 or 2 clicks to to get the plane right - the EF planes do not require that much trim if correctly built they are that good of an airframe...
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