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Originally Posted by Bart10 View Post
Hello everybody!
Yesterday, I flew my model and I had a strange problem with XM-2812-33 RTR.
When I connected battery to RX, I heard -5-6-5- tone and after that a lot of short, fast beeps.
After about 15 sec. the beeps stopped and I heard -5-6-5- tone again.
It was the first flight in low temperature (about 15 Celsius degree or less).
But today I discovered that ESC have the the same behaviour when throttle stick isn't at the bottom.
But when I had this strange situation I probably didn't touch the stick.
When is the problem and what I should do? I use Optic 6 with the Spectra 2.4 module.
1. Check your ESC instructions, as that may well be a warning that the ESC detects reverse polarity.
(Most likely Power pack, but a forgotten adjustment to Tx & throttle setting changed.)

2a. Check Tx batteries are now of good quality and fully charged:
2b. Remove ESC and plug a servo into that channel to verify all is well or that there is in fact a
problem with Tx.
(If BEC was being used then you will also need a 4 cell battery pack with new or fully charged batteries to test)
99% of problems relate to ESC/BEC:
Electronic Speed Control - Why BEC and LVC cause most EP RX problems
if a servo operates well with fully charged Tx & Rx batteries and a servo, try another ESC and power pack.

3. If a problem with Tx is verified, then as per previous advises, contact your local distributor
for your nearest service centre.
Hitec Warranty & Service - homepage.
Note: Hitec USA only services North/South America and Canada.
"Hitec USA customer service department is available Monday through Friday*
from 7am- 4:30 pm Pacific time. Reach us at 858.748.8440 or any time you have a question"
If you are from a country that is outside North and South America, please contact the
Hitec distributor in your country for service.

Alan T.
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