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Originally Posted by Bugbitten View Post
Too much gain maybe. If I do a high speed run, the ails. shake.
Melnics question was how I had my gain hooked up. That's one detail he didn't go into much detail on. For instance he didn't show how he hooked up his wiring. Just explained it, assuming we understood the language. So here's how I set my rig up.
  • Unplugged the aileron from channel one and plugged the gyro into it.

    Plugged that servo wire into the gyro.

    Plugged the gain wire into channel 5
Channel five, as it shows on my TX, is the gear/gyro switch.

I 0'd all my trims and set all the control surfaces to centered. So I'm mechanically set to 0.

Now on my elevator I did the same as above only with the elevator wiriing. I plugged the gain into channel 6. But I don't know how to control channel 6 ... yet. From what I'm reading in the Futaba manual I have to choose a control switch in order to operate channel 6 so I'm still learning.

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