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Originally Posted by shadow102 View Post
Its different on every plane. 42 slick your right, 48" ef extra is the same, PA ultimate was simply full down elevator with very slight rudder no ail., 60" ef extra is different depending on the servos mine is currently half rudder full down and little bit of ail, 48" laser is 3/4 rudder full down 1/3 ail.
42" - i had people telling me to reduce rudder throw but for me did the opposite...
pa ultimate, full rudder, full elevator does work, maybe not so violent...
dont have 60" extra, but 3dhs 57"SC, also full rudder and elevator...

actually i need to play with reducing rudder in ke... maybe it will make more violent... but you know, if it ain't broken, why bother fixing it?

p.p.s just maidened my second 42...(airframe i have most flights on) and all i can say is, msx does 10x more locked in ke flight, but the rest... well, i need new hinges to keep studying msx...
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