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Originally Posted by Heli Biggie View Post
But your doing inverted flying , im not there yet, to scared to crash still. I can fly inverted on the sim ,of coarse, lol. But it will be a long time before my head lets me do it in real life.
Happy flying all.

Im have been flying more to help calm me for the event, but that means cam off, i fly better when the cam is off! Lol
Once again you will feel less wind on a bigger heli,
Yeah, i have a way of calming my mind and body. But honestly. I can't feel loose and calm with the cam on my head. Just having it there immidiately makes me stiff in the neck trying to focus the camera and fly at the same time. Then if the heli ends up too close and high above me, i'm scared to look up because the hat and camera might fall back off my head. OR something along those lines, i think you know what i mean. It's just harder to concentrate and really control the pitch for the flips and things. But i like to watch the videos myself. It's a good learning tool. Plus if something goes wrong, you might have an extra clue to what it was. Plus everyone likes to see everyone else crash

I feel like an idiot, i finally had a dumb thumbs moment with my 4f200 yesterday and took out 2 servos. No other damage, thankfully. But like an idiot i took right off the pad, like i often do, and went right into an back flip to inverted. Unfortunately, somehow, even after double checking the switch before i did it. (idiot) I left it in normal mode and went inverted................. At least this crash was MY fault though. first one in weeks and weeks with that heli.

When the wind dies, or my muscle memory advances i might be able to shoot a video of inverted circuits. But for now i'll leave those (sloppy) inverted circuits to my v120 size... just for now. I did have a random wag on my tail and thought i was going to have a moment like you did. I went and checked it all out. Turned out to be the ball link on the plastic rocker arm. The one the servo rod connects to. It was almost out of the hole, and since its in plastic i could CA it. Still not trusting it too much. I'm flying it far away, lets just say that.
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