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No chance at all!

A lot of mistakes and wrong aproaches to hovercraft technology;

- inefective stability design, rear is smaller than the front, at high speed turn would be a disaster. Just see the proven American classic design; a triangle with the rear larger than the front.

- inefective thrust design; the splited thrust (one each side) needs two turbines to feed them and a lot of waisted (and heavy) mechanical parts or, a single turbine with a splited duct at the admission and another splited duct at the exit of the flow (a kind of a "H" with the fan at the centre), too much drag and flow restriction; needs a lot of waisted power and woul heat the ducts a lot.

- Skirt? difficult to see on the images, looks like skirtless (a lot of waisted lift power required) or a kind of sidewall design; only efective on water...

Good things:

- Steering design is original, good and efective.

Sorry, no chance.

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