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Originally Posted by studioRS View Post
A couple of Qs...
Does the inrunner motor you used bolt right into the stock motor mount?
Does the stock propeller fit on this I runner motor? If not, which version?
Do you use the 350mHa zippy packs?

I have purchased the Turnigy 6A ESC, an outrunner motor (same as another user mounted in a Surfer) and spare stock propeller. Still need to purchase a 415Rx and servos. If the inrunner you have works well, I might try this.

With the added weight of the components, the wing loading is going to increase and glide ratio will decrease. Not that it is perfect stock. One thing this little Surfer could use is better wind penetration. Stiffer wider wings, stiffer fuselage and a little more weight. With the increased power and good programable Tx / Rx might be a really good thermal sailplane.

That's awesome about your sailpane vision! You could help me spot when I fly my Radian in thermals, 2,394ft was my record this summer
Yes the inrunner bolts right in, I am working to ballance it out with slightly bigger 3s bats, but it flys great with the 350 zippys as well. Just took her out flying with a few more tweeks, and wow, it will sail as well, but it does great nose in dives, and awesome tumbles and snap rolls now. I think I want just a touch more elevator, it is already over twice stock, but it really wakes this plane up, it is a bit twitchy although expo helps that out too. I will try and take some pictures of the guts tomorrow, I also used an old gift card for the servo mounts, works great
It is a little tight getting the stock prop on there, but it is not coming off that easy either then. I was quite surprised that the inrunner BL was a direct bolt in replacement.
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