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LEDs flickering during flight! Help?

Hey guys, I have a an Ares Gamma 370 with the brushless motor/esc upgrade and I decided to fill in the extra aux and gear channel on the rx with a pair of Easylights from Dimension Engineering and I noticed during my first night flight that the pair of LEDs would flicker off for just a split second, then back on. This happened once more and I decided to try to land and see what was going on. Then, the lights went out for a solid 2-3 seconds. I think my heart stopped during that time, but they miraculously came back on about 50 feet above the ground and I pulled out of the horrifying dive I had gone into. I emergency landed as quick as I could into the grass.

So anyway, does anyone know what might be the problem for them doing that? I am not sure but I believe power to the entire plane was cut off, since it dove down when the lights went off. The battery is 2s 7.4v 20c, and these lights are just supposed to be PnP - simple so I am afraid to go back out at dark until I figure this out.

TL;DR - My Easylights keep going out during flight. I have 2 of them plugged into 2 spare channels on my 6 ch rx. I am using a 2s 7.4v 20c battery. Any ideas on the problem?

Pics included if anyone has advice or can see something I am doing wrong. I am just a beginner!
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