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Originally Posted by WhalleyB0Y View Post
Hey guys, I got a replacement Habu coming in soon and I wanted to give it that shot in the arm that it needs. I have some parts here that I wanted to use in it when it arrives and I thought I would get some opinions first. (maybe Gary has thoughts on this)

I have 6s 3000mAh 45C lipos that I wish to use with a ZTW 110A esc with an external CC 10A bec on a 1900kv Velocity motor. I would like to use the stock Delta fan but I don't know if I should use the stock motor or my Velocity?

The 6s lipo weighs 414 grams vs the 3s 3500mAh at 332 grams (additional 82 grams) What kind of flight time could I expect with my 6s? I would like the option of using 5s if the 6s proves to be too heavy or short on flight time.

If the Delta fan cannot support this plan then I would like to try a CS fan and go for the "Whoosh" sound.

I have used the Habu with the stock setup with flaps and retracts and found it to be slow and under powered. Furthermore, I don't think the stock internal bec can really handle all the servos, gear and motor draw without shutting down.

Any thoughts on this guys? Thanks.
Referring to your statement in bold above, was 1900kv a typo?
Are you referring to the Velocity 2900? that would be fine on 6s, but you will be pulling 115+ amps. Not sure how the ZTW ESC would handle it. I know it's over the rating, but the Castle ICE has lots of headroom and works for us with that motor in the MACH70 (heavier loaded rotor) EDF. You might consider a bigger ESC. I would go to 3300mAh lipos.

Going down to 5s with the CS might still be too much for that fan. I have not run the CS fans but I hear they will blow at 46000 rpm (or ~ 1300W)
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