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Hi everybody, Norway calling I found and joined this forum because of this thread, I think Iīm in love with this glider! And all the useful information you all provide! Still havenīt got P2K… I have only read to page 53 so far, but I promise you I will read the next 100 as well.
I did fly a lot 20-30 years ago, even gliders, but mostly fuel sportplanes. Our options way back then was mainly balsa kits which we built from scratch. Electro planes were very rare, and foam planes were almost unheard of… EPO didnīt exist! And this 2,4 GHz thing is also maybe a revolution?

Well, as U probably can imagine, Iīm back in school as far as RC-flying concerns, because a lot has happened since I flew…
I hope to get a P2K sometime, within half a year or so. I asked the norwegian company if they have it in stock, but it seems they only have the Phoenix Evolution 1,6/2,6 m glider. Both to small and to big for me. The reason I asked them instead of HobbyKing is because Throttlestore is known to have a lot of spare parts etc, and very good customer service. Well, time will show.

My kind of flying with a electro glider will be soaring the slopes and search for those beloved thermals. And perhaps a little nice slo-mo acro. Though I must say I really donīt understand why somebody would want vertical climb performance from a glider…. Thatīs something we did with a Curare 40 with a .45 OS engine with 60% Nitro in the fuel… which I just raised in vertical position in my hands, pushed the throttle and went straight up for 200 metres followed by 20 spin turns… More like it, if you understand

Speaking of spins; has anyone tried to spin or snaproll the P2K? I love a good spin, and would really like to perform some stylish aerobatics with a glider.

Well, I just wanted to say hi and thank you all for good and useful posts, Iīll keep on reading…

By the way; some parts of the wing and tail structure seems a little thick and will maybe create unnecessary drag? Iīm thinking of the leading edges, the wingtips, and not to mention the trailing edges of both the wing and tail. Anybody tried to make it more aerodynamic? Sanding paper? Or does the EPO material prohibit that for the sake of strength? Considering that the (fullsize) F-104 Starfighter jet of the 1950īs and 60īs had leading edges sharp enough to cut steaks with, and no much less on the trailing edges, a 2 meter RC glider should take that kind of aerodynamics into consideration It seems unnecessary thick in some parts.
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