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Originally Posted by ArneHu View Post
My Sky Surfer is stuck high up in a tall tree forever. Even a guy with a big truck, with a crane on, did't get it down. He smash and bend the tree several times with the heavy 12m crane, but still up there.
Maybe it was time to retire it. Last time i flew it, it didn't react as it should on the controls. And today it was even worse, plus a little wind. That always blows our model in to the wood behind the field. Myths tells about a wood full of models hanging in trees, since the war, up til today.
Short time after, the same wind blew my UM T-28 in a tree too. But not so high, so tomorrow it's resque operation. Two models in trees at the same day! Not my day. I hate that field, but the other members like to fly there, because of the short grass for take off. Ans it's nice to have someone to fly with. But they have the tree problems almost every day, stubborn old guys. I move to the neighbor field, much bigger. And no trees!
That sucks!!!!!.I hope you get both aircrafts back.
Good luck.
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