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My Elevator Servo location


Here is a recap of my install, by placing the servos in front of the Horizontal stab, I accomplished two things:

1. Glue them to the bottom of the plane and also have them glued to the edge created for the stab, kind of like a corner there, so I have more grabbing power there.

2. The servos are actually lower than they would be in the stab. Plus with two servos, I am running the pushrods to the SIDES of the trust tube for the most part
As far as the ESC goes, mine is on the side of the fuselage where I put in the side scoop (NACA scoop) and does not interfere, while mine is an ICE100, I don’t see a problem with even a ICE 160 in the same location, of course some controllers are bigger than others, I can take some more specific pictures tonight if you like. Just a reminder, sand with 80 grit and clean it before you glue anything in, the inside of the entire plane is incredibly dirty and dusty. BTW, I still have not found off-the-shelf paint (Model Masters or equivalent rattle can) to match the Fuselage


Originally Posted by SCALEFAN View Post
I should amend my question.

If the ESC or the servos are in the way of the pipe, or cause the pipe to be deflected, would it cause a decrease in thrust performance?
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