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I couldn't get mine to work off of the throttle stick, it is only working off of stunt 1 & 2.

My cat really liked that carrier, until I stuffed her in it to go home. She was moaning the whole time in the truck.

Thanks for calling me normal, my Wife doesn't ever say that, she just calls me nuts!

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Yep - the battery monitor is nice to have for free in the LB/Hoten etc but not worth an add on component at this time. A throttle stick controlled timer is fine for me.

Sounds like your cat has got the sweet life there! It is probably bigger than my entire Japan flat...

Well, I got up, looked out the window, it was a bit windy and generally quite unpromising so I gave up and went back to bed. It did rain at ~7ish and the wind got worse through the day. It was pretty nice out by 10 but too windy for a heli... probably too windy for my 4 string Flexifoil Rage power kite which has yet to be maidened as well.

I received the kit for my first tricopter too so I'll have to secretly build that one up while the wife is looking the other way, then bring it to work and keep it around here instead!

Everyone else thinks I'm obsessed by flying things but I'm not really... I'm like you lot - normal... it's everyone else that's odd!

Look at the fine print the $58.00 is only good till 12/31/12 they give you a discount for a partial year. The normal is around $80.00 for a full year 1/1/13 to 12/31/13 & when you re-new you better do it 60 days in advance because they take forever, I know from previous experiences with the AMA I even sent a email to the president (Dave Brown) of the AMA complaining & he wasn't very nice in his reply. After that year I quit the AMA.

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Well i payed 58 bucks for a year , and now for another 20 bucks at the event i can fly.... I didnt think about the v450 getting laughed at , im more worried about me flying infront of people lol. Any heli,
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