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Yeah you are right about the telemetry, that's why I have a plug in battery alarm. Which works good as long as I have it held down so it doesn't hit the rotor blade bolts during negative G's

I had a 1998 GMC Jimmy that I traded in for my 2005 Dodge Ram 1500 Quad Cab 4X4 5.7 liter Hemi & they gave me $1,200.00 for it. Don't feel bad about the $1,400.00 if a vehicle has more than 50,000 miles on it, all they want to do with it is junk it.

If I get 2 years out of the V450 I'll feel lucky. I'll probably just dust off my monster gas heli & fly that, at least I can see it in the distance with it's 5 foot rotor blade diameter.

Thanks about the cat,she is cooped up in the master bedroom with food/water/litter box while the construction still goes on. We finally were able to use the toilet at 5:00 P.M. nothing like peeing in a sink when you have to go, (no, the Wife was at work till 4:00 she didn't pee in a sink) Still no shower yet, maybe by late tonight, I hope!

I got my 5 Gens Ace 2500Mah. batteries yesterday. I tried charging them & they are acting strange, they won't charge to a full 12.6 volts. I might have order the wrong type, it says it is 11.1 volts but it says it is a 3S1P battery, what the hell is that? I know it means 3 cells in series, but the 1P should mean 1 in parallel? All I know is it goes to about 11.3 volts & times out at 120 minutes in balance mode. When I look at the charging on the PC it shows the first cell full & the 2nd & 3rd cell trying to balance out.

I ended up doing a discharge for about 500 Ma. & charge it again, with the same results. Then I stuck it on the balance charger that came with the heli, & it didn't have a problem & fully charged it. Weird?

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You know what. I've said it from the start. Telemetry is a gimmick. for all the extra wires and devices and weight. The only useful thing is the battery alarm and maybe the thermometers. But for all the extra weight, i'd rather just get a battery alarm and hope everything stays cool At least until they come out with GPS auto pilots for FPV systems like planes currently have. It's a good thing i never got a devo too. Because the TX and RX for both are almost double the price. I was picking up 2801 stuff for dirt cheap. Until they stopped producing the RX for their helicopers. Thats fun considering they only released it in 2010 or 2011. So two years is the most you can expect for parts support from walkera, IMO. Because they are likely to come out with the next "new" thing and leave you in the dust counting dollars hoping you have enough to keep flying the helicopters you already own and paid for. Can you imagine if car companies discontinued parts 2 years after release of a model? No one would ever buy from that company again. I just can't understand how people see Walkera any differently.

Interestingly enough, the other day i asked a dealer what he would give me for my 1994 ford ranger pickup truck. He didn't even offer me enough to go out and buy a new Gaui X5 with TX/RX and make it fly. Nope. He offered me about $1100 for it. Thats sad, imo. I'll just keep the thing. Funny thing about it, i've seen broken 700's sell for more than that on ebay.

Glad your cat was okay too. I hope you get back home soon and with no issues.
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