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Any thoughts on this three axis flybarless unit? It's only $40.00, tho i don't know what the drawbacks are.

It's part of this package ($80). I'm still looking into how much it'll cost to purchase equivalent parts separately.

That's pretty much everything. I'm still putting together my must have list. But it may be good enough for a beginner and i'll have the helicopter up and running in two months instead of three.

I ordered the RX-701 receiver as a test for how well customs will treat packages from them, i'll have until that receiver arrives (1 month) to try putting together different combinations of electronics from other vendors. For now i'm going to look for CopterX reviews and if it's possible to put them in a VWIN heli. Provided the receiver doesn't get blocked at customs of course.

So to tally:

Copter X Electronics = $80 = 3500php

Pair that with the VWIN carbon fiber flybarless (3,200) . I'm stuck with VWIN because that and align are the only spareparts the LHS carries.

Electronics = 3500
Chasis = 3200
RX-701 = 1300
Battery = 950

TOTAL = 8,950php

How does that compare to the 450QS (8,800php)? That's pretty much the benchmark i'm comparing to right now.
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