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Another 1935 Gar Wood Speedster scratch build!

I'm working on my 4th scratch build, a 32" Gar Wood Speedster. This will be my third scratch model, which was inspired by Ed Crowell's Speedster build log and constructed over the top/side drawings contributed to his thread by frankg.

Because it is kind of a large model (for me at least) and there are a lot of complicated parts, I will CNC cut them from 3mm ply and assemble a 'kit' of parts before I start building.

The first step is to import the drawings into Rhino, and trace the lines needed to form the hull. Then I use a clever tool called "curve from 2 views" which takes the top view of the bow curve, and combines it with the side view of the same curve, to produce an accurate 3D curve. After extracting the hull form curves in this manner I used the fair tool to smooth and refine them resulting in a very clean set of curves from which the hull form is built.

Next, I took a look at the engine hatch and cockpit locations, and determined the number and position of formers to best capture the shape, including one at the widest beam to ensure a smooth shape on the final hull.

Then I used an offset of the outer hull surface to trim the formers, allowing for the 2mm balsa sub-planking. The goal is to meet the outer shape of the hull top and bottom with the sub planking in place, then plank on top of that with 2mm mahogany.

I then constructed the keel and added interlocking slots to ensure alignment of the formers, and added a side former to lock in the alignment and eliminate any twist in the formers relative to the keel.
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