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First off yes it is an easy motor to replace, and the BL that I listed is an inrunner that bolts right in place, too bad the stock electronics can not run it.... But having more authority is great, although it does reduce the low wind thermal greatly.

As for 250-300 meters, I can vouch it goes further than that, I have flown with the stock set up to the point it was just a speck, hold the rudder for about 2-3 seconds and wait to see where it is going to figure out the direction it is pointing, mind you I have 20/5 vision so I can see @ 20 feet what most can see @ 5 makes flying gliders high much easier for me I suppose.

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The connections to the servos are terrible. Must check the alignement of the control surfaces, especially the rudder, every time I grab the plane (well, I should, anyway, shouldn't I?...)

According to the manual I got from BMI (part 3 - Introduction) the range should be 250-300 meters. I certainly am not going to check this, at least not in flight.

I had to ad a much larger screw than a "tiny servo screw" to get a proper CoG - actually a self tapping screw, can't remember the weight but I mentioned it before somewhere in this thread.

And, BTW, they also state "Fly this model by little wind. (≤ Beaufort 2)", which is about 2-3 m/s max.

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