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Originally Posted by pmackenzie View Post
I don't quite follow this ( since the definition of processor and pre-processor is specific to your code )
Does this mean only the raw PPM trainer port information can be sent to a any chosen output channel?
No way to adjust endpoints, subtrim, direction, or to use them mixed with other inputs?

If so this seems like quite a limitation.

If they were allowed to be inputs to the mixers (i.e what are called "master" channels in most transmitters) then you could do anything with them.

Pat MacKenzie

Preprocessor might be the area where the pots and switches are "smoothed" and over sampled, so you would want the external inputs to go in just after this step since they should have already been processed from their source.

Now if preprocessor means after mixing and everything else, this would not be as useful, especially for trainer use.
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