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Rubbish. If you actually read the phrase you have highlighted you will see it says "...control two channels on your transmitter". There is no mention of transmitting any RF signal at all.

Nor can you tell from the photo whether the antenna is used for Tx or Rx. However, if you think for even a moment about the purpose of FPV goggles it should be clear that their only use of RF is to receive a video feed.

Control of the transmitter is acheived by generating a standard PPM signal on a cable that is plugged into the Tx trainer port. Two of the 8 channels in the PPM stream carry the pan and tilt signals. To control the pan-and-tilt mount on the model these input signals have to be mapped to output channels on the Tx for transmission to the Rx in the model.

Covey advised a long time ago that one should always "seek to understand before seeking to be understood".
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