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On the LHS topic..The bigger companies like Hobby Town, etc....Typically have a limited selection due to catering to all forms of RC and other hobbies, for instance I am a JR guy, but there isn't one dealer in Austin or San Antonio that stocks the 9503, I prefer Hanger 9 to Great Planes, again limited selection...Most of what i have needed over the years required ordering due to lack of selection locally.

I dont typically look for price being my number one concern, I look for what i want, product quality and than price. If my local LHS has it and it costs a bit more, I will always support them, as it is more than supporting a local business..that directly puts money into the community I live in, not some fat SOB ceo and his next vacation home...

Too many people choose and shop on price alone and don't realize when they give their dollars to companies outside their communities, and bitch when all these business entities close, and unemployment SKYROCKETS...well guess what, you had a hand in it by not supporting local business...They are not out to screw anyone, it really is simple costs money to run a business and the pricing you see online is fairly low margin and it takes a ton of inventory turns to make a real profit..

Case in point....

Best Buy (headed for demise)
Circuit City
Ultimate Electronics..
etc... etc... etc....

Price was their only focus and it is NOT a sustainable business model.

We/I sell electronics (custom installation of A/V and Automation products), when we sell a tv to a client we pay 100.00 flat rate shipping to get it...and that is a subsidized price...More often than not the sale price at Best Buy and other stores is about at our cost or slightly below...On a big job we absorb it, but on smaller jobs we might refuse it...Either way we lose our ass on TV's....
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