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Originally Posted by Hircsailor View Post
Looks like a great sailing pond. You are right Boomer about the calming effects of casual sailing. Three or four boats just sailing with no course in mind and you can forget about the troubles of the world for awhile. Very relaxing and calming to the soul.
Don't ya know it? just messing around a bit.. Heck.. even the building is relaxing. it was the entire reason of existence of the little ace sloop conversion build... no real class to use it to race with. Just a little fun sailer, mostly used to have something to do with my hands and mind at night after work. still gotta work out some rudder issues, but over all, it's ready for the pond. But its been a joy just building it with no time frame or purpose in mind.
the round ranger is coming along. But its a purpose built racer because the club is race focused. The Brewery is even sponsoring that boat

And really, the racing is fun, it's relaxing.and it gives purpose, but sometimes you don't want to trape up and down the bank in silence except to announce intent to tack, or to fuss about class and regatta rules. Just break out a folding chair and mess about. If a random passerby starts observing and talking to you, hand over the controller and talk them through it.

the next boat... after the race boat will be an up scale of a Midwest Chesapeake flattie with a gaft rig, mostly just to learn how to make a gaft rig. and.. something to mess around with at night, after work.
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