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Here comes the wind!
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The birds are tacking upwind, not flying straight upwind. Look closer.

In the first segment the bird is seen flying up and down the crests and troughs. The seas appear to be around 6 feet or more. The bird zig-zags his pattern at times to stay near the boat. Turns are clearly less than 180 degrees like we do in gliders.

The second bird tipstalls a few times momentarily (pointy wingtips!).

Quite amazing how effortless it looks for the birds to maintain the pattern. But the birds are correcting for terrain constantly.

Pelicans and sea gulls will slope soar the front of swells. I imagine the Albatross can you use that technique if it has a following sea. But the upwind potential of the Albatross' technique is simply amazing.
Aerogance is online now Find More Posts by Aerogance
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